Marc van Dalen, Shadow 2

330.00 - 490.00

Size: from 20x30

Materials: Archival pigment Print on Hahnemühle PhotoRag

Dated: 2013

Series: Shadows

Signature: hand signed, dated and numbered on verso

Edition: 30 + 2 AP

Numbered: 1-30

Certificate of authenticity: Included

Publisher: Van Dalen Gallery

Frame: Not included, optional


About the Artist:

Marc Van Dalen captivates with a unique blend of luxury editorial and raw, trashy aesthetics. His style, characterized by clean lines and high polish, transcends conventional boundaries, embracing the theme of VanDalism.

Published in prestigious magazines such as GQ, The Opéra, Vogue, and others, Marc's work is a testament to his boundary-pushing approach in both photography and art. His captures, often portraying intimate moments, showcase authenticity and a distinctive bond between the artist and his subjects.

Van Dalen's portfolio, limited on his homepage, hints at the allure of the unknown. His deliberate choice of pure, strong models, coupled with a penchant for spontaneity, results in visually authentic dialogues — a captivating contradiction that defines his artistic exploration.